When it comes to supporting animal rescue groups, a good rule of thumb is to assist local groups that you actually know and trust.

Before you donate money, time or materials to animal rescue organizations, please check them out to make sure they are reputable. Unfortunately even the larger, national organizations often have a bloated budget with very little money going directly to save animal lives. 

We are proud to recommend the following animal rescue organizations.

Please note: COFA's mission is dedicated to education, outreach and advocacy; thus, we network with established rescue groups and animal shelters and support their work "in the trenches" of rescuing abandoned animals, fostering, and placing them in loving homes. COFA's role is in putting the moving pieces together, identifying material and financial needs and then placing the resources of money and material items with various groups and independent rescuers that might be off the radar in terms of getting funding and assistance.  We also are active in organizing and publicizing major rescue efforts and coming up with innovative, resourceful ways to educate and support those at all levels who make a difference in the lives of these precious animals.

Below are some of the animal rescue and transport organizations we trust, support and collaborate with. Please contact them directly if you are interested in adopting an animal, fostering an animal on a temporary basis, need to find an animal a new home, or if you would like to volunteer or donate.

Cause for SB Paws

Location: San Bernadino
Mission: Rescues animals from hi-kill shelters and adopts out animals from the Inland Empire
Founder: Angela Halfmann
Contact: 909-838-2243 or

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joey boy.jpg

Bullies and

Hermosa Beach, CA
Specializing in rescuing, fostering, adopting bully breeds


Rescue from the Hart
Location: Greater Los Angeles Area
Mission:  Rescues abandoned animals from the streets of LA and hi-kill shelters 
Founder: Annie Hart
Contact: 310-490-5684 or

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START Rescue
Location: Riverside and Inland Empire, CA including Greater Los Angeles Area
Mission: Transports dogs and cats from overcrowded local shelters to partner humane societies in the Pacific Northwest, where they are lovingly rehomed
Also funds pay/neuter for low-income families
Founder: Steve Spiro


New Beginnings for Animals
Location: Mission Viejo, CA 
Mission: To rescue and rehome dogs and cats from overcrowded Southern California shelters
Contact: 949-348-8057 or
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California Bully Crew, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3), no kill rescue group located in Southern California, rescuing abandoned and abused bully breed and bully mixes from shelters where they are at risk for euthanasia.
Contact: Tamara Nolan, 
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Need help with a lost, found or injured animal?

For help with Southern California dogs and cats, please contact one of our trusted rescue partners above. Please take any injured animal immediately to a qualified veterinarian.

For animals you can no longer care for, reach out first to family members, friends and neighbors who may be able to help.

Enlist the help of a qualified, positive-based pet trainer for behavior issues. Or, hire a dog walker, pet sitter or kitty-litter scooper to help out for those who are short on time and are unable to adequately care for their furry friends. This can buy time while a new living arrangement is sorted out.

Or, search for a no-kill humane shelter in your area or contact us for a referral to a rescue group in your area. Thank YOU for your compassionate heart!