The work you are doing to help save all of these poor dogs is wonderful. I have a house full of pets. My dogs are like my children. They probably think they are human since I have spoiled them so much. Take care and keep up all of this good work that you are doing. Thank you for being such an inspiration.
— Kelly Anderson

Compassion for All works to alleviate the suffering of animals by changing attitudes, changing laws and changing lives through education, outreach and advocacy.

Our over-riding goal is to reduce the number of healthy, adoptable animals that end up in shelters by focusing on these three main areas:


While it may be hard for some to fathom, not everyone has a compassionate heart toward animals. Children who are brought up in homes where there is violence, neglect, abuse, poverty and drugs are often the most at risk for being cold and cruel toward animals.

These are heart-breaking situations to be sure, for both children and animals -- but we can break the cycle of ignorance through carefully designed and thoughtfully delivered humane education presentations, curriculum, classes and events to both public and private schools at all age and grade levels.

Teachers, administrators and school board members are encouraged to play an active role in promoting Compassion for All, as such a rally cry creates a better environment not just for the animals, but a better, healthier, more compassionate community...for All.

Educators, please call or email us to arrange for a no-charge assessment of your needs so we can foster a compassionate educational environment where kindness, caring and community involvement shine.


Your next-door-neighbor may not even be aware that most county animal "shelters" are nothing of the sort -- rather than "shelter" animals, these facilities are often more like slaughterhouses, where animals are held for the bare minimum amount of time before being killed. And during that time, many animals suffer from illness, disease, and injuries and are left untreated to suffer in dirty, cold cages. Horrifyingly, many county animal control facilities and those who run them are violating state laws, and more than one "shelter" director has been arrested and sent to prison for animal cruelty.

Thanks in large part to FaceBook and social media, more of these heinous crimes are being exposed and the outrage from coast to coast and around the world is creating a tidal wave of support for shelter reform.

Our outreach programs are designed to increase community involvement so no one has the excuse that they "didn't know" the reality and scope of unspeakable suffering. When everyone rows, the boat moves faster, and we need all hands on deck to turn the tide. 

Business owners, community organizations, individuals and corporate sponsors -- be a COFA HERO and contact us to get involved in alleviating the suffering of animals and creating a better community...for All!


The fastest and most effective way of promoting the rally cry of  "Compassion for All" is to raise the awareness of the desperate plight of precious companion animals through engagement with community, media, entertainment and government.

As a television host, radio personality and published author, COFA Founder Peggy Hall and COFA members are actively visible in national media, TV, news, radio, print and Internet for commentary, trends, identifying urgent issues and collaborating on workable solutions to alleviate the suffering of animals and create a better community...for All.

Producers, news assignment editors and government officials are actively encouraged to reach out to COFA for stories, insights and expert opinions on urgent animal issues in the news.